To ensure the normal operation of the analyzer “Laktan” and obtain accurate measurement results, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the measuring cell every day after the end of work, since the remnants of fat, protein, and then milk stone, accumulating, distort the results of the readings, which further leads to device breakdown.

Washing the measuring cell with household powders is not effective, since household powders contain bleaches, dyes, organic compounds, fragrances, particles of which can settle in the measuring cell, which leads to additional contamination of the device.

Therefore, we have developed a method for washing the measuring cell, which helps to remove fat, protein and milk stone and ensures it is clean and sterile, which guarantees reliable and trouble-free operation of the device. For washing, we strongly recommend using Reaktiv-1 and Reaktiv-2, which effectively remove protein and milkstone residues. The preparations are not toxic and do not have a harmful effect. Aqueous solutions of detergents can be used within a month.

An instrument contaminated by improper rinsing looks like this:

Attention! If the device fails due to contamination or improper washing, the milk quality analyzer may be voided from the warranty.

for the use of reagent No. 1 and reagent No. 2 for the removal of protein and milk stone

1. Pour clean tap water heated to 40 °C into a glass, rinse the device.
2. Heat water to 50 °C, dilute reagent No. 1 in it (1 g per 100 ml of water). Flush the instrument by changing the flushing fluid three times.
3. Rinse the device with clean water until the water runs clear.

After using the device for a week, it is necessary to wash the device with reagent No. 2

1. Heat running water to 50 °C, dilute reagent No. 2 in it (0.5 g per 100 ml of water).
2. After washing the instrument with reagent No. 1 and water, rinse with reagent No. 2, changing the washing liquid three times.
3. Rinse the device with clean water until the water runs clear.

One set of detergents is enough for daily washing of the milk quality analyzer “Laktan” during the year!