Table illuminator (Rotta Apparatus) – designed to determine visual acuity, visual acuity and selection of corrective glasses by the method of subjective testing. The device does not have a switchgear and can be used in educational institutions to study work, in laboratories, for domestic purposes.

Complete set
Housing – 1 pc.
Luminaire with fluorescent lamp – 1 pc.
Table Golovin-Sivtsev-Landolt rings – 1 pc.
Table Golovin-Sivtsev-letters – 1 pc.
Table W – type – 1 pc.
Orlov-Sivtsev table (for children) – 1 pc.
Table for testing near visual acuity – 1 pc.
Plastic pointer – 1 pc.
Occluder – 1 pc.
Passport – 1 pc.


Overall dimensions: 625x520x90
Number of tables included in the set – 5 pcs.
Weight no more than 6 kg
Supply voltage – 230V, 50Hz
Illumination in the center of the table lx. Not less than – 700