Designed to measure the activity of hydrogen in aqueous solutions – pH



pH range ed. RN 3 – 12.00
Automatic temperature compensation range S from 5 to 50
Maximum error ed. RN +/-0.03
Operating mode settling time i 3
Auto-off time when there is no activity with the analyzer i around 15
The analyzer is powered from the built-in power supply

direct current (through an element of type A-76, STs-32 with a voltage of 1.5V each)


The warranty period is 6 months from the date of sale, subject to the conditions of transportation, storage and operation by the consumer.

The device and principle of operation of the analyzer

Structurally, the analyzer is made in the form of a single case, inside which an electronic converter and an electronic system are located. On the front panel of the housing there is a liquid crystal display, on the sides of which there are two buttons for controlling the analyzer’s operating modes: “on-off” and “cal” . The batteries are located in a compartment under the cover.

pH measurement

Immerse the analyzer in the test solution until it thickens on the body. Press the “on-off” button once if the analyzer has been turned off.

The display will show flashing digits showing the pH value of the measured solution. After the pH value has stopped changing, press the “on-off” button once.

The flashing of the digits will stop and the display will show the value of the measured pH value.

For the next measurement, simply press the “on-off” button once

After each measurement, thoroughly rinse the electrode system with distilled water and shake off any remaining water from the electrode system.

If the analyzer is left idle for approximately 15 minutes, it will turn off automatically.