Liston C 2202 centrifuge complete with CRA 1215 rotor and adapters (15 pcs) – 33,500 rubles.
Liston C 2202 centrifuge complete with CRA 2015 rotor and adapters (25 pcs) – 36,500 rubles.
Liston C 2202 centrifuge complete with CRS 490 rotor and 1 set (4 pcs) of 3 types of standard adapters to choose from – 57,000 rubles.

Universal low speed benchtop centrifuge with interchangeable rotors. When used in combination with the CRS 490 cross-rotor, it is possible to work with non-standard laboratory glassware with a capacity of up to 90 ml. and the possibility of simultaneous centrifugation of different types of test tubes (provided that the glasses are balanced). Similar to most European low speed centrifuges. Certified for use in the EU. All permits for use in the Russian Federation are available.


  • Rugged and lightweight aluminum body
  • Vibration-resistant centrifuge design
  • Reliable, maintenance-free, European-made brushless motor
  • High accuracy of rotation speed maintenance provided by microprocessor control system and optical speed sensor
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Ability to adjust the rotation speed in revolutions and units of relative centrifugal acceleration (RPM / RCF) with the function of remembering the last selected mode
  • Unbalance sensor and emergency electronic brake
  • Automatic lid lock when the rotor rotates
  • Low noise
  • Compatible with three different capacity rotors (see “Accessories” tab)
  • Possibility to manufacture individual adapters for any type of laboratory glassware
  • Ability to quickly supply adapters and spare parts from the manufacturer’s warehouse
  • Warranty period of operation – 2 years



  • Rotation speed range500-3500 rpm
  • Speed ​​setting step50 rpm
  • Max. relative centrifugal acceleration (RCF)2300 G
  • Interchangeable rotorsYes, 3 models
  • Maximum number of seatsDepending on the rotor, up to 32
  • The maximum size of the test tubes usedDepends on the rotor, up to 37×115 mm
  • The maximum volume of tubes used is 90 ml
  • Operating time adjustmentFrom 1 to 99 min
  • Unbalance sensorYes
  • Dual Mode Speed ​​Control (RPM/RCF)Yes
  • Dimensions485x425x270 mm
  • Weight without rotor23 kg
  • Overall dimensions in packing550х500х350 mm
  • Packed weight26 kg
  • Power consumption200 Watts
  • Power220 V