Short-wave ultraviolet irradiator BOP-01/27-NanEMA Purpose:
The irradiator is designed for local, abdominal and contact irradiation of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, tonsils and small areas of the skin for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.
The portability of the device allows it to be used both in physiotherapy rooms and at home.

General information:
It is an ultra-high frequency generator that feeds a BRM-1 or PRK-4 mercury-quartz lamp – a source of ultraviolet radiation.
Unlike irradiators, which mercury-quartz lamps are powered by a voltage of 50 Hz, the BOP-4 irradiator provides a more selective radiation spectrum, providing a greater effect of exposure.
The new device has an electronic timer with a duration of 1.2 and 3 minutes. After the set time has elapsed, an audible signal sounds.

Length, width, height, (mm) 310x280x160
Weight (kg) 8
Maximum radiation in the wavelength range (mmk) 50
Power Consumption (VA) 140
Burner radiation intensity (W) 20-25
Operating frequency (MHz) 27,12±0.16