Electric drying cabinet SNOL- with a fan built into the working chamber is designed for drying various products and materials at temperatures up to 350 °C with increased requirements for temperature uniformity in the working space. The material of the working chamber is black steel coated with heat-resistant paint. The electrical cabinet is completed with 3 perforated shelves.


  • Rated power, kW, no more than 2
  • Mains voltage, V 220
  • Rated frequency, Hz 50
  • The number of phases is 1
  • Rated temperature in the working space, °С, 350
  • Temperature stability in steady state thermal conditions, °С ±1
  • Working space dimensions, mm: width 350, height 350, length 300
  • Overall dimensions, mm: width 520, height 630, length 670
  • Weight, kg 42
  • Volume, l 36