The device for determining the purity of milk OCHM-M is designed to determine the degree of purity of milk at receiving dairy points, dairy farms, butter and cheese factories. The device consists of the main parts: shaped cup, cup holder, platform, mesh, bracket, measuring cup with a capacity of 250 ml.
Preparation for work:
The device is screwed to a table or bench. A rubber tube is put on the pipe, the other end of which is sent to a bucket or can. (In the absence of a rubber tube, a bucket is placed under the nozzle of the device). The milk to be tested is mixed, the cotton filter is placed so that it completely covers the mesh and evenly captures the edges of its opening. In this case, the glass holder must be raised. The glass holder is released and it is pressed tightly against the glass holder under the action of the spring force.

Determination of the degree of purity of milk: The
milk to be tested is thoroughly mixed and immediately 250 ml of milk is taken with a measuring glass, which is poured into a shaped glass.
After filtering a portion of milk, tilt the glass holder, carefully remove the cotton filter and put it on a sheet of white parchment or glossy paper. The milk purity group is determined by comparing the filter with an approved standard.
Under the filter, data on the sample, the name of the farm where the milk came from, the day and month of the study are recorded on paper.
After the determination of milk samples is completed, all parts of the device are thoroughly washed with hot water and dried. Washing the device with alkaline solutions – soda, lye, etc. not allowed. Store devices in a dry, heated room.