The desktop recording perimeter PNR-03 is used to determine the boundaries of the field of view and defects within it.

  • Perimeter PNR-03 allows you to use the methods of static, kinetic and color perimetry.
  • Adapted for use in medical institutions of various levels (in the eye rooms of polyclinics, eye departments of hospitals, research institutes and departments of eye diseases), it is simple and easy to use, quickly mastered by the staff.
  • It consists of a base, an arc, a chin rest, an electric pointer with colored test objects.
  • The use of an electric pen-pointer facilitates and simplifies the work of the doctor, reduces the examination time, and provides the possibility of performing static, kinetic, color perimetry.
  • The test object is turned on by pressing the button on the pointing pen, the choice of color and brightness is done by the multi-position switch on the pointing pen.

Rotation and installation of the arc in a certain position is done manually on the central disk scale.

Each half of the arc is marked with its own color (white and red) in accordance with the markings on the central disk scale – this makes it easier to work on the perimeter, simplifies the application of results on the form and avoids errors. For ease of use, the degree marking of the arc is applied on three sides (including two side ones), which allows you to see it at any position of the arc.

The presentation of light stimuli is carried out with an electric pointer. At the end of the pointing pen are LED test objects, which, unlike previously used pigment objects, do not fade or become dirty.

LED test objects provide:

  • constant and uniform brightness;
  • standardization of perimetry conditions;
  • convenience, simplicity and quality of examination;
  • the possibility of carrying out static, kinetic, color perimetry.


  • Arc diameter, mm – 600
  • Distance, mm – 300
  • Arc rotation around the horizontal axis – 360
  • Limits of the study of the field of view – +80
  • Arc scale division value – 10
  • The price of division of the disk scale – 10E
  • Limits of absolute error – +3
  • Weight of the device, kg – 2
  • Overall dimensions, mm – 200-400-600


  • Perimeter
  • Pointer pen with colored test objects
  • Power Supply
  • Form of schemes of visual fields (250 pcs.)
  • Eyecup
  • The passport