Combined irradiator-recirculator “Sibest – 100
(ORBpB-01 isp 2/2-K)”

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Combined irradiator-recirculator “Sibest-100” is available in the following configuration:

  • Sibest-100 combined;
  • Sibest-100S combined with the “RESURS” system;
  • Sibest-100 combined on a mobile platform;
  • Sibest-100S combined with the “RESURS” system, on a mobile platform.

The bactericidal combined irradiator-recirculator is designed for air disinfection in rooms both in the presence and in the absence of people. Equipped with a mobile platform.

Technical characteristics of the combined irradiator-recirculator Sibest – 100

  • Irradiator performance at bactericidal efficiency 99.9 (99.0)% 100 (150) m³/h
  • Quantity and power of germicidal lamps 2×30 W
  • Power consumption 200 VA
  • Noise level no more than 41 dB
  • Overall dimensions 190*145*1080 mm
  • Weight (including on a mobile platform) 12.5 kg


The irradiator is intended for air disinfection of residential, office premises, medical institutions, hairdressing salons, beauty, manicure and pedicure rooms, sports, children’s, educational, industrial (food industry workshops, vegetable stores, etc.), and other premises in the presence of of people. The irradiator is designed for operation indoors at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35°С, relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 25°С and atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa (from 630 to 795 mmHg). consists of a housing forming an irradiation chamber, in which ozone-free bactericidal lamps are installed, and a mobile platform.


Air blowing through the internal volume of the irradiator is provided by a fan through the ventilation openings (blackened louvered grilles “V” shaped profile, completely eliminating the ingress of UV radiation into the room).

An aluminum foil screen with high reflectivity of UV radiation is installed in the irradiator housing.


The principle of operation of the irradiator-recirculator is based on air disinfection by ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is harmful to bacteria. The bulbs of the lamps are made of special glass, which delays radiation shorter than 200 nm, which causes the formation of ozone in the air. The special coating of the flasks extends the life of the lamps up to 9000 hours.


The irradiator housing can be attached to a mobile platform (mobile delivery option) or on the wall at a height of 1.5-2.0 m from the floor (wall-mounted delivery option) using a mounting system. The bactericidal irradiator provides continuous operation for 8 hours or more. Germicidal lamps are replaced after 8000 hours of operation

A feature of the combined irradiator-recirculator is the presence of an opening door, which allows it to be used as a closed-type recirculator – Mode 1 and as an open-type bactericidal irradiator – Mode 2. This type of recirculator is used in rooms where air disinfection is necessary in the presence of people during working hours and disinfection air and surfaces in the absence of people outside working hours (operating rooms, food production facilities, etc.)