Biological microscope Biolab 5T (trinocular, achromatic)

The biological microscope Biolab 5T can be used in daily routine work in various laboratories. The microscope has a bright-field Abbe condenser for bright-field operation and can be equipped with a dark-field condenser.

The microscope is equipped with a binocular attachment with the ability to adjust the interpupillary distance in the range from 48 to 75 mm. The object table allows you to set up two standard glass slides at the same time. The revolving device is designed to install up to 4 lenses. Microscopes are equipped with achromatic objectives.

The optical head of the microscope has an independent optical channel for placing a video eyepiece on the microscope. The presence of an independent channel allows the user to simultaneously work while looking through the eyepieces and displaying the image on the computer monitor.

We recommend that you complete the Biolab 5T microscope with the ToupCam 3.1 MP video eyepiece.


Parameter Meaning
Overall increase 40x -1000x (1600x, 2000x)*
nozzle type Trinocular
Adjustable interpupillary distance 48 – 75 mm
Eyepieces 10x/18; (16x/15)*
Revolving device For 4 lenses (from the observer)
Achromatic correction lenses 4x/0.10; 10x/0.25; (20x/0.4*) 40x/0.65; (60x/0.85*); 100x/1.25mi
Subject table Two-coordinate with drug parent
Stage dimensions 140×140 mm
Stage movement range 75×50 mm
Abbe centered condenser Largest numerical aperture 1.25 MI
Light source halogen lamp 6 / 20 V / W
AC power 220 / 50 V / Hz
dimensions 330x225x395 mm