Automatic hematology analyzer Abacus Junior 30


  • Automatic hematology analyzer for 20/22 parameters, including differentiation of leukocytes into 3 subgroups;
  • Automatic sampler;
  • Productivity – 30 tests/hour;
  • Large graphic color touch LCD display;
  • Function of self-diagnostics for control of reliability and accuracy of work;
  • Built-in printer;
  • Russified;
  • The best option for your laboratory.


Performance 30 tests/hour
Sample volume 25 µl whole blood
Sample type human (general), male, female, adolescent, child, infant
aperture diameter 80 microns
Measured parameters 20/22 parameters, including leukocyte differentiation into 3 subgroups: WBC, LYM, GRA, MID, LYM%, GRA%, MID%, RBC, MCV, HGB, MCH, MCHC, HCT, PLT, PCT, MPV, P-LCC , P-LCR, RDW-CV** (RDW-SD**), PDW-CV** (PDW-SD**)
3 histograms: PLT, WBC, RBC
** variable parameters
Sampling method open tube system with autosampler
Method of measurement impedance
Cleaning procedure high voltage burn through the aperture and chemical cleaning in every measuring cycle
Quality control – 6 levels
– average
— ± range
— SD and CV for all measured and calculated parameters
– 64-day Levay-Jennings chart
– separate QC database (quality control)
Calibration – automatic (according to the calibrator) for 1, 2 or 3 measurements
— by factors (manual) for RBC, MCV, RDW, WBC, HGB, PLT, MPV
Multiplayer mode 3-level multi-user operation with selectable access level, user identification and password
User interface easy to use; touch control + START button
Languages Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Display color touch liquid crystal displays
External keyboard and mouse USB
Database storage capacity 10,000 results including RBC, PLT, WBC histograms and complete patient data
Communication interface USB, serial RS-232
Data upload interface USB Flash Drive
Printer Interface USB
Printer built-in thermal printer, black and white paper, 56 mm wide
Power supply external power adapter, output 12 V (DC), 6 A
Nutrition 110-220 or 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 10 W standby, 72 W active
Temperature, humidity 15-35 °С, less than 80%
Dimensions 320x260x365 mm
The weight 12 kg
Reagents without cyanide diluent, lyse solution, cleansing solution