• Highly accurate and reliable analytical balance based on MMTS sensor.
  • Automatic calibration of the built-in (symbol R in the name of the modification) and external weights. Possibility to enter a correction for the error of the weight during external calibration.
  • Patented compact design, easy-to-assemble 3-door windscreen with 360-degree view, transparent protective cover.
  • ISO/GLP/GMP compliant interface for transferring data to a printer or personal computer.
  • High contrast LCD display with bright backlight, load bar graph.
  • Calendar, clock, counting mode, comparator mode, result summation, density measurement mode.
  • Built-in hook for weighing under the scales.
  • Made in Japan, 5 year warranty.


Model ViBRA HT 224CE
NPV 220 years
NmPV 0.01 years
discreteness 0.0001 years
Accuracy class Special (I)
Display LCD with backlight
Platform size, mm 80
Calibration Outer 200g E2
Dimensions, mm 290x200x306
Weight, kg 2,5
Interface RS-232C
Food Adapter AC/DC 230V/9-12V